Christian Cheerleaders of America (CCA) is a sports ministry using the vehicle of Cheerleading to evangelize and disciple young people for Jesus Christ.

The Goals of CCA

  • to teach “state of the art” cheerleading techniques, material and methods while maintaining Christian standards…being “contemporary without compromise”
  • to promote and require academic excellence among cheerleaders as well as all other athletes
  • to develop, advise and educate cheerleaders and cheerleader coaches on safety guidelines and techniques
  • to inform, unite and excite cheerleaders and their coaches by newsletters, meetings, competitions, networking
  • to reward and recognize outstanding achievers both individually and as teams via competitions, scholarships, publishing, etc.
  • to encourage by fellowship, communication and training for coaches desiring knowledge and expertise in all aspects of cheerleading
  • to recognize cheerleaders as the athletes they are and the coaches who train them as such
  • to encourage and promote creativity and enthusiasm with a “be the best that you can be” attitude
  • most important of all to give our Lord Jesus Christ preeminence in all we do
  • to Build PEOPLE Before PYRAMIDS

As with everything in the Christian life, GOD’S WORD & THE LEADERSHIP OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT
are the guiding principles we live by.  Cheerleading is no exception.

Our Spirit Philosophy for School Teams

PERFORMING is a SECONDARY ROLE of cheerleading and can effectively promote school spirit when included at appropriate times.


Christian cheerleaders are skilled athletes and should never take a back seat to anyone else in their excellence…”for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

CHEERLEADERS SHOULD BE LEADERS/EXAMPLES IN THEIR CHRISTIAN TESTIMONY to the student body in all situations, not just athletic events.

A TEAM ATMOSPHERE supplements the secondary curricular program and provides students with educational experiences and learning outcomes that contribute toward the total development of a whole person, a good Christian and a good citizen.

Every program, including all camps and competitions, at CHRISTIAN CHEERLEADERS OF AMERICA adhere to this philosophy.

A Cheerleader’s Main Goals (including All-Stars & Empower) are……

  • To boost school spirit or with All-Stars and Empower to build team spirit
  • Promote good sportsmanship
  • Develop positive crowd involvement and with All-Stars and Empower to have community/team involvement
  • Provide encouraging, enthusiastic team support
  • Create a cooperative, LOYAL, spirit within the student body, as well as with alumni, parents, fans, and faculty and for All-Stars and Empower to build community
  • To offer an athletic/extra curricular activity for girls/boys who choose cheer as their sport in order to teach the life lessons that teamwork and competition provide

Did you ever think very much about C H E E R L E A D E R S?

Probably not. Just a bunch of airheads, making a lot of noise, interrupting you while you are trying to watch a game!

Cheerleaders do get a bad rap, and unfortunately in today’s society, sometimes they deserve it. Some cheer teams have moved away from their central purpose and become either sex symbols or obsessed with competing. This is sad, the true purpose of cheerleading is to be a really awesome source of spirit and support, when done correctly this can make a big difference in the morale, spirit and sportsmanship of a ball game. As a matter of fact, cheerleaders can ultimately change the outcome of a game as they get the crowd involved and the team pumped up so much so that they start to change the way they play!

Don’t we all need our own personal CHEERLEADER once in awhile? Sometimes life overwhelms us and gets us so discouraged that we feel like giving up. We very often need someone standing on the sidelines of our life cheering “You can do it. I believe in you!”

 There is someone who is always on YOUR side, loves you unconditionally in the good times and the bad and is always ready and willing to forgive and forget. Though He may not yell to cheer you on, He will speak to your heart in a still, small voice with encouragement for day to day living. Read about Him below and see why we at CCA, Christian Cheerleaders of America, truly have SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT!

If you have made a decision to ask Jesus Christ in to your life or if you have questions about receiving Christ or about the ministry or CCA please contact us at 336.749.0892, email us at or write us at the following address:

Christian Cheerleaders of America

PO Box 49

Bethania, NC  27010

 God Loves You!


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