Here is the hotel booking information for

– CCA Christian Cheer Nationals Feb 28 – March 2

– CCA Collegiate Championship March 1-2nd

When you go to the hotel site, you will find generic information on the first page and then another link to  click on to see the  hotel reservation forms as well as a chart showing pertinent information about each hotel.  These are the properties interested in working with our teams for this event.  It includes a wide range of pricing and accommodations with hotel details..

This year we have made it easier for you.   You can/should make arrangements with Stephanie Decatur at the Fayetteville CVB. Please note this is not a housing group nor is it related to anything like “Stay to Play”.  We are just using the CVB to help mainstream hotel reservations to better assist you with your hotel needs.  The CVB has offered this service to make sure everything goes as planned and your needs and request are all met! You will see the link to send the reservation form on to Stephanie at the Fayetteville Convention and Visitors Bureau at the bottom of the reservation form. There is also information in order to contact her for questions, etc.

Fill out the form to give her your property preferences, travel needs, and contact information.  Your team, parents, fans, grandparents can also book through this method if desired.  I would suggest that you get your team’s rooms FIRST to be sure that they secure accommodations before opening it up to the parents/fans/friends.  Be sure you invite your gym owners and school administrators to be a part of this event and make reservations.

No one is obligated to book at this time, however be advised there’s a broad range in room rates which may mean some properties get booked up faster.  Reviewing your options and returning the form and/or touching base with Stephanie soon would likely be in the best interest of each team.