Private/Home camps with CCA are structured so that your team will get the most out of your camp. The staff will either use a standard schedule or CCA will work with you to make a customized schedule that will focus on the specific needs of your team. Whether it is Stunting, Game Day Material, Technique, or Team Building we will make sure that your team is able to learn, have fun, and experience amazing fellowship!


Your team will have the opportunity to learn everything taught at one of our Residential/Commuter camps. You will be able to choose from many different cheers, sidelines, band chants, music routines, and stunt sequences/pyramids.


The staff will perform sign language to our summer theme song and lead your team during our devotional times with worship songs, personal testimonies and lessons that are used during our services at Residential/Commuter camps.

Staff Housing/Meals

Once the CCA staff arrives you will be responsible for their lodging and their meals. Our staff is prepared to either stay in a hotel or host home, this is left up to you. However we do not permit our staff to stay in hotel rooms with doors that lead outside. In many cases you will have more than one staff instructor in which case they could be male or female. If that happens we require that they have separate hotel rooms or separate rooms in the host’s home. You may either provide meals for the staff or give them money to go get their own meals. In most cases the staff will want to get to know your team and a great way to do that is by spending time with your team at meals!

2024 private/home camp dates


No dates available


July 1 – 3 

July 5 – 6

July 8 – 10

July 25 – 27

July 29 – 31


August 1 – 3

August 5 – 7

August 8 – 10


Later dates available on a limited basis. 


Tentative Registrations

If you are not ready to register AND PAY due to the circumstances, you may send us a “TENTATIVE” registration. To do so please click the button that says “TENTATIVE REGISTRATIONS” and submit the form. Once we receive your completed form, we will reach out to you to discuss your proposed dates and give you any updates that we may have about our summer camps!

Register for a 2 or 3 Day Private/home camp here! Pay Deposit for 2 or 3 day private/home camp here! Pay participant fees for 2 day camp here! (pay in full) pay particpant fees for 3 day camp here! (pay in full)

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