Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all three elements required?                (Sideline, Band Chant, Timeout/Cheer)
    • Yes teams will be judged on all three of these elements and failure to perform one may result in a 0 on a portion of your score sheet.
  • Why aren`t baskets tosses allowed?
    • Because GameTime is FOCUSED on crowd involvement/leading. While you can use baskets for this purpose they are not a very effective tool. We hope our teams will focus on more effective skills for crowd involvement.
  • So for GameTime 1A 15 max on the mat but you can sub in? Does that mean you can bring a team of 20 and use 15 and then pull 5 midway through and replace them with 5 other girls?

    • Yes we wanted to make sure larger teams have competition and make sure smaller teams will not compete against a team with 20 on the mat at a time when they may only have 10. (Final Divisions will be left up to the discretion of the Event Producer)

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