You are Invited to a Pity Party

I Kings 18-19

Ever throw a pity party for yourself? I admit that I did this weekend.  Have you noticed that no one wanted to come to a pity party? That’s because the party is not fun and it’s all about you. Who (or what) did I bring to the party? “No one cares how I feel.” “It hurt my feelings.” “I deserve better than this.” You guessed it , “my feelings” were the only guest at my pity part. But I admit the longer my feelings stayed, the bigger my party grew.

After God’s amazing victory over the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel, Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah. In I Kings chapters eighteen through nineteen we find Elijah in the wilderness under a juniper tree throwing a pity party of Biblical proportions.  “I even I only, am left.” As I sat throwing my own pity party, God began to teach me from the life of Elijah.

Pity often comes when you do not take time to rest. God rested on the 7th day to be an example to us that we need to rest. Jesus often went away from the crowds just to rest and spend time with His Father. When pity begins to put up the decorations for a party in my life, I need to make sure my emotions aren’t flaring because I need rest.

God causes a strong wind, earthquake and splits a mountain to get Elijah attention.  Then God speaks in “a still voice.” One of the greatest ways to end a pity party, is to listen to God. It takes your focus from you and moves it to God. He reminds us of who he is and who we are in him. To shut down the party quit talking and begin listening to God.

God gave Elijah a job to do. When you put your hands to a task or you begin encouraging another person, you do not have time for a pity party. If the pity party is starting in your house, get up and “GO” , God has a job for you to do.

Right now, throw out the pity party decorations and start decorating your life with thanksgiving.