The Fixer

Genesis 12:10-20

Part 2

Lessons from my Toolbox

In my attempt to “help” others , I am always trying to make the edges of everyone’s life smoother, gluing and pounding together brokenness, when I find it. Tonight, I could not sleep trying to figure out a “fix-it” for someone I love dearly. Then in Genesis my eyes fell on the story of Abram(ham) trying to pass his wife Sarai(h) off as his sister. He was afraid the men would kill him to get his beautiful wife. All of Abraham’s fix-it’s blew up in his face when Pharaoh sent for Sarai and offered a dowry to marry her.  Sometimes God speaks in a small still voice, but tonight I needed to be “hit upside the head.”. “Teresa, only I can “fix” this situation.”

God had to remind me that when I try to fix things, I maybe violating what God wants me to do. On my own I can fall into the temptation of a hazardous short cut. I am stepping from faith in His will into the faltering footing of my own will. The results can be disastrous. 

This is a lesson God had to teach Abraham over and over again. In Genesis chapter twenty Abraham tries to pass Sarah off as his sister to Abimelech king of Gerar . It blew up in his face again. In Genesis chapter sixteen we see Abraham and Sarah impatiently stepping in to “help” God, by choosing Hagar to bear their promised child. Again, their plan blew up in their faces. God gave them Isaac but their “fit-it” produced Ismael and a nation that still today seeks to destroy Israel. 

I am a helpful person, but the lesson from my toolbox are clear. If I try to do things myself…

1) I can violate what God wants me to do.

2) I can exchange his will for mine.

3) I can fall into the temptation of a hazardous short cut.

4) I can miss the clear view of God working.

5) I can live as if God can’t handle my situation and needs my help. This put the spotlight on me and stunt the growth of my faith.

“Thank you, Father for the lessons. I am shutting my toolbox and letting the Master Carpenter amaze me with his workmanship.”